Top Pergola Rain Cover Ideas

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Pergola is a perfect idea for outdoor. Pergola usually functions for shaded area on your yard. Commonly, they can protect from the sun but not rain. However, today’s pergola is more and more modern where they can protect from the rain because modern is designed with rain cover. So, what is the best and most recommended pergola rain cover? Here are the options that you can compare and choose.

Pergola Aluminum Rain Cover Ideas

The first idea is pergola aluminum rain cover. This is one of the most common and popular options. In fact, aluminum is water resistant. Besides that, it is also corrode resistant. Even more, aluminum is also light in weight. That is why aluminum is recommended so much for pergola roof. In addition, you the price is also not too high. You can also install aluminum roof easily by your own. So, are you interested in this pergola roof idea?

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Pergola Polycarbonate Rain Cover

You can also consider applying a pergola roof made from polycarbonate. This is a kind of roof that is like plastic but thicker. It can also be said that polycarbonate is a kind of high quality plastic. This is much lighter than aluminum. Even more, it can also be considered as the lightest roof option for pergola. The price is also usually lower compared to the other options. Considering the benefits above, polycarbonate cover becomes one of the most recommended pergola roof ideas.

5 Best Pergola Covers

Pergola WPC Rain Cover

The next option is pergola WPC rain cover. WPC means wood plastic composite. It is a wood that is composited with plastic so that the wood is water resistant. This wood is also mothproof so that the quality and durability is undoubted. This pergola roof is also easy to install and maintain. You can also buy this easily because there are many stores that sell it. It also creates valuable look. Therefore, you can follow applying this pergola roof.

Pergola Light Steel Rain Cover

Today, light steel roof is more and more popular. You can also use it for pergola rain cover idea. Light steel roof is very good for pergola because it is affordable, easy to install, free maintenance, and very durable. So, you will not be disappointed with this light steel roof. In addition, it is not only sun and water resistant but also wind resistant. So, it is appropriate for an area that often happen storm.

Pergola PVC Rain Cover

PVC stands from polyvinyl chloride. It is a kind of material that is often used for water resistant door. You can also consider use it for pergola roof. Pergola PVC rain cover is not popular but this can be a good solution for you who have small budget. It is like plastic but thick. This is also very lightweight. It comes in various colors so that you can choose your desired colors. However, it is not good enough if it is exposed by the sun that is too hot.

Pergola Roof Tile Rain Cover

This can be the next option to follow. It may look like the common house but it is only a pergola. Make sure that you use roof tile that has high quality. Roof tile is appropriate for any style of pergola. This is also good for any size of pergola.

Pergola Canvas Rain Cover

Another best idea is to apply pergola rain cover from canvas or tarpaulin. It is very affordable and light in weight but the quality is not as good as the other options. The benefit is that it is easy to install. So, you can try this.

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