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All that we need to improve our garage is the best garage lighting ideas. Garage can be more than a room to store a car as we have good lighting system which will turn the dull space into a car show room. We all know that garage must be secured and have excellent space for the ease of parking. However, to make it artistic and beautiful is also important. The right lighting in a garage will also help improving the entire house outfit. Garage is placed in front of a house or at least on the side where it faces the entrance gate. Therefore, to ignore its lighting and fixtures will leave bad impact to the first impression of a house. Besides the front garden, gate, and fences, garage plays the essential role in giving a residence wonderful appearance. Here are the ideas.

Light up the Garage

The first thing to do for giving a garage excellent look is that we have to remove the bare-bulb fixtures. Porcelain lighting fixtures are not good for giving bright illumination. Don’t forget to turn the lighting electricity off before removing. Next, we have to replace it with 8-ft fluorescent lighting fixture. The bulb should be mounted for every vehicle space. Therefore, if it is a two-car garage, we will need to prepare at least two bulbs. The lights are best mounted right above the ceiling boxes.

Best Garage Lighting Ideas; the Bulb Types

Remember that not all kinds of fluorescent lighting products work well in low temperature. That is why we have to select fluorescent lighting fixtures that fit the lowest temperature of our garage. For a temperature below 50 degrees F, T12 lighting fixtures with regular magnetic ballast will not be suitable. When the temperature drops and reach 50 degrees and lower, bulbs with electronic ballasts are the perfect choice. Those kinds of fixtures start the temperature down to 0 degrees and can work well though the temperature keeps dropping. For optimizing the function, lighting fixture with T8 size and 1 in. wide is recommended. The type of lighting product will help reducing the electricity bill. We have to spend more initially but it will be helpful to save the bill over time. However, we need to be careful when we tend to money-saving orientation. We can find a better energy saver lamp on T12 type. Yet, that is not a good choice since it needs a minimum of 60 degrees to work properly.

Add a Decorative Look in the Garage Lighting

After all, we still need to insert the essence of beauty inside the lighting ideas. The best garage lighting ideas show that garage will be the cool side of a house. We might want to enjoy the vintage or nautical look in the living room or back porch. However, we can actually make a clear lining of our style right from the garage lighting. There are various styles of lighting that we can pick and match it with the concept of our house. Yet, we need to be bold when choosing the bulb design since it will be for an automotive space. Besides, we need to be sure that the lighting is useful for giving a highlight to our car appearance. We do not buy a fancy car to place it in a dark place.

The best garage lighting ideas are available online for helping people improving the space. The best ideas are the ones that can answer what people really want to picture on their garage. Besides the ideas, we can also check the pictures and get a clear picture of how garage lighting should be designed.

Best Garage Lighting Design Ideas Image

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