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Real Tiger Skin Rug with Head Image

Pretty Real Tiger Skin Rug with Head Decor

Are you an adventure lover and like an exotic home décor that can fulfill your passion in wild life? Real Skin tiger rug with head will be a great ornament to place. Tiger rug has been long a great home ornament for a country house. It is also explored well for a log cabin. For a villa winter cottage, this tiger rug is one of the most beautiful home décor. The impression of wild and comfortable is there on the rug. We can now find fake products of tiger rugs so we do not have to kill the exotic animal just to get the skin and fur. Faux tiger rug is made with a good quality imitation fur so the appearance will look stunning. We can get faux tiger rug through the online specialist.

Animal rugs are that beautiful to decorate log cabin flooring. Log cabin is designed for providing warmth through all of the elements inside the rooms. First of all, log cabin plays the warm look with the color selection. The earthy colors such as several shades of browns, deep green, and brick red are suitable for the log cabins. All of those colors are believed to provide warmth and peaceful outfit. We can thus apply browns colors for the wall and floor. Commonly, log cabins are made of solid wood or at least decorated with real woods. The hardwood flooring is chosen in order to provide the harmonious appearance. Besides, it is also wonderful to cover the wall with woods but if it is too expensive and inefficient, we can also use wall paper with wood texture. Sometimes, too much wooden texture is not so good. Thus, it will be more gorgeous if we add the texture of other natural element such as stones or leaves.

Real Tiger Rugs Perfection

Real Tiger rug with head is possibly the most enchanting element to place after decorating the interior with the wooden feature and natural texture element. Tiger rugs are designed with the color of orange, black, and perhaps grey. All of the colors show the wild life impression which adventurers love to enjoy. Tiger rugs will blend well with the log cabin outfit. The orange or black colors of the rugs will not only improve the flooring but also provide the majestic essence of jungle.

How to Care the Tiger Rug with Head

When we place beautiful flooring ornaments such as tiger rugs, we need to be sure that we do all the best maintenance for keeping it wonderful. We do not have to contact rug cleaner specialist because we can now use the rents. Rug cleaner rental will give huge benefits for the cleaning task. We can find professional rug cleaning tool rental at the nearest department store. The service offers heavy duty equipments that are designed for any rugs cleaning. For a special rug like real tiger rug, high quality tool and cleaning detergent are available. The price for which is not that expensive for the high quality cleaning results. Even, it will be cheaper compared to the rates of professional rug cleaning service.

Purchasing a tiger rug with head is perfect if we want to make a flawless balance on the log cabin or country house. Real tiger rug or faux tiger rug is worth it to decorate the log cabin. However, log cabin is often exposed to dust and smokes from the fireplace. Therefore, we need to do an intensive care for avoiding too sticky dirt on the carpet surface. It is more difficult to deep clean tiger rug since it has the head that is not so easy to clean.

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