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Pink Zebra Rugs for Girls and Teenager’s Rooms Image

cute zebra print rug for baby room

Do you like Sanrio’s Hello Kitty and wants to build an interior décor with this cute character? You need to consider several things to make it awesome and not too tacky. Most of the time, we go crazy with an interior decoration of animation movie characters and want to have one for our own house. But that is not a good idea if we cannot be total for that. We have to be wholehearted and feel pleased to spend much money only for the décor. High quality Hello Kitty room décor will make a room look stunning. Of course, we can always reduce the cost if we pick low quality products that are cheaper. But the result will never be the same. The most essential thing to start the project is to choose Hello Kitty bed sheet or duvet covers. We can also place pretty Hello Kitty curtains to beautify the windows. For the flooring, Hello Kitty area rugs are available too. However, it will be essential if we can play other ornaments instead of just Hello Kitty. For instance, we can choose Pink Zebra Rug. This rug will do good to give a variation which creates harmony instead of cheap outfit.

Zebra rugs are usually offered in black and white color scheme. This rug will do great for a modern home that requires a simple monochromatic concept. However, this rug can also look cool for a log cabin home that is mainly designed in a wooden material and decor. Zebra rugs are also a great décor for a house with a wild life interior design and country house theme.

But zebra rugs can actually appear cute and fun for a girl’s room. Pink zebra rug will be a special ornament for a candy colored room. The stripes look awesome for the girls’ room since it will provide a cheerful effect. Besides, pink zebra rugs offer a contrastive look for a room with plain color. Pattern rugs with Hello Kitty prints or looms might look beautiful for the girl’s room. But it will also be a brilliant idea to choose zebra rugs. If a room is already full of Hello Kitty ornaments, plain rugs or at least a rug with little patterns will be preferable. The stripes patterns will surely deliver a special and elegant touch to a room. Additionally, zebra rugs can give synchronization in a Hello Kitty girl’s room.

Pink zebra rug for Teenager’s Room

For a teenager’s room, zebra rug will create a charm. Commonly, zebra rugs look excessively bold and are suitable for a country living room or a rustic studio. But with a tint of pink color, this rug will be amazing for the teenager’s room. It will blend well with the pastel colors that are often explored in the teenage girls’ bedrooms. But what should we combine with the pink zebra rug? Pink will look delightful to combine with pastel colors. Baby blue, pale purple, and off white will never look dull to combine with the pink rug. Even the pastel colors will look more attractive and fresh at the same time.

We sometimes stick too much to the floral pattern that we forget about the prettiness of other patterns such as stripes and polka dot. Stripe carpets like that of the zebra pattern are pretty and feminine for the teenage girl’s room. The stripes rugs will not be boring because they will make a room more playful. Pink zebra rug is definitely one of the most beautiful collections to adopt. This rug is the alternate idea for a fresh and stunning impression for the little girls and teenagers’ rooms.

cute zebra print rug for baby room
Pink Zebra Rugs
pretty zebra area rug
pink and black zebra rug



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