Pergola with Canopy Ideas

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Pergola is recommended so much for you who have beautiful garden. By making a pergola, your garden will not only look more attractive but is also more useful. Pergola usually only functions to make the area more shaded. It functions to protect from the sun, but not rain. If you want to make it able to protect from the rain, too you can consider pergola with canopy. How can you apply this? There are many ideas that you can try. Hopefully these can inspire you.

Pergola with Canvas Canopy

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The first idea that is recommended to try is to create a pergola with canvas canopy. This can also be considered as the simplest and easiest idea. If you are interested in it, what you need to do is to make a pergola like the common design from woods. After that, apply the roof from canvas or tarpaulin. Besides easy to install, it is also inexpensive. So, it does not cost much compared to the other roof or roof ideas. That is why it is appropriate for you who have a small budget.

Pergola with Canopy Residence

You can also make your pergola look like a residence where you can use it for dinner, welcome guests, or gather with family. If you are interested in this idea, it will be good to create a pergola with canopy residence. After creating a simple pergola from woods, the next step is to apply the roof from your desired materials. For examples are canvases, metal, aluminum, or other types of roof. Then, apply a table with some chairs around it. To add the attractiveness, you can beautify it with some flowers and decorative flowers. Now, you can enjoy this like a residence.

Roof Deck Pergola with Canopy

It will also be a good idea for you to consider creating a pergola with canopy that is designed with roof and deck. This can be a perfect home outdoor design to follow. It does not only look attractive but is also useful and valuable. You can use it for dinner excitedly. Just add a table and some chairs you want. You do not need to worry if the rain comes. In addition, it is also appropriate for anytime including when the day’s temperature is hot.

Pergola with Retractable Canopy

Can you make your pergola function as wither pergola or canopy? This is possible. In this case, you should plan a pergola with retractable canopy. It means the roof of the canopy can be retracted when it is not rain. When the rain comes, you can use the canopy room simply. It can be a good solution for you who love enjoying the day under a pergola but want to be protected when the rain comes, too.

Private Pergola with Canopy

Canopy is commonly used for a bed so that it is usually applied for indoor. However, you can also apply canopy for pergola to keep the privacy outdoor. Firstly, you just need to create a usual pergola. Then, add it with roof to protect from the rain. In addition, you still need to apply curtains on some or all sides of the pergola canopy. It does not only keep the privacy but also keep you warm there. So, it is perfect for romantic dinner in the evening. So, it is recommended for you who have just got married and you can create a romantic nuance without going outside far.

Those are the ideas of pergola with canopy that you can follow. If you are inspired, you can follow one of them based on your desire. So, from the ideas above, which one do you like most?

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