Pergola Hot Tub Ideas

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Having a nice detail of home decoration is one of the happiness for people, which will make them get their calmness and comfort in staying in their home. When we are talking about the detail of home decoration, of course we are not only telling about the interior decoration but also the exterior decoration. One of the nice exterior decorations to be known is the yard decoration. Here we have hot tub pergola, which could be the idea of best gazebo in our yard. It could be best place to gather with family in the summer. See five ideas of best hot tub pergola below.

Pergola hot tub cover

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The first idea of the nice hot tub pergola is the hot tub cover. It is one of the great pergola to be applied, especially in your back yard. What make this idea special is that the pergola has a cover in its appearance, which will make that place seems more private for you and your couple. By the cover, you also could cover the shine of the sun and get comfortable sense when enjoying summer with sweet and cold cocktail.

Partition of pergola patio

The second idea when you want to build the hot tub pergola is the patio partition. This idea is nice in order to beautify the face of your yard. It could be the change of your terrace when you want to get the more natural gazebo. The use of wood as the material will add the higher natural sense here. In other hand, wood also will control the weather to be cool although it is summer. Arrange some chairs and table there to provide comfortable patio to stay.

Mediterranean warmth

Applying the Mediterranean as the idea when you want to build a great pergola in your back yard could be the nice choice. The Mediterranean warmth is great because it will provide the fresh water. To build this idea of pergola, you will need to make a small pool in the pergola. Here, the small pool with the fresh water is nice to steep your feet. I am sure that enjoying the summer with steeping feet in the small pool with couple will be great moment!

Garage gateway

Shaping the pergola with the sense of garage will be one of the special choice for you. Summer is identic with the hot weather and sometimes it will cause the uncomfortable feeling, especially in the midday. Well, here the function of the garage gateway idea is used. By shaping the pergola with the garage idea, which is full with the green plant, I am sure that the weather will be cooler. Plant some favorite plants and flower there to make the pergola looks more comfortable.

Cocktail enclosure

The last nice idea in building the pergola in your yard is the cocktail enclosure. As we have said before, enjoying cocktail when summer in pergola will be one of nice thing. Here, you could build the pergola with cocktail enclosure idea. The special matter of this idea is the clear concept of it. Clean wood with the white color and colorful properties are closer with the modern idea. Enjoy your long day in this pergola and feel the calm of happiness in summer!

Kinds of ideas above could be the inspiration when you want to have the hot tub pergola in your yard. By having the great pergola with the unique idea, I am sure that you don’t need to go outside your home in enjoying the great summer with couple or family. Build the great pergola, as you want!

Pictures of Pergola Hot Tub Ideas

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