Metal Roof Pergola Design Ideas

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If you apply a roof on pergola, it can make your pergola able to provide good protection from both the sun and the rain. Pergola commonly uses woods only for the roof. However, the modern pergola uses more various materials for the roof. One of them is metal. Metal roof pergola is now more and more popular. Besides providing good protection, it is also very strong and durable. If you are interested in it, there are many ideas that you can try. Here are the most recommended design ideas.

Metal Roof House Pergola

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Pergola can be designed in separated from house or connected to house. If you want to make it simpler and easier, you can consider the first one. In this idea, you do not need to apply metal roof house pergola because the roof is same with what it is used for the house. So, you can make the pergola on the side of the house. However, the space is not too large. Anyway, it recommended for you who likes simple design and has small budget.

Modern Metal Roof Pergola

If you like modern style, it will be a good idea for you to apply modern metal roof pergola. To follow this idea, you need to make wooden roof first. After that, you need to cover it with metal roof. So, it can be seen that the construction is very strong including the roof. To add the modern look, you can add glass side walls for the pergola. It also functions to protect you from the dust and wind. However, you should not make a door and let it open.

Tropical Metal Roof Pergola

If you live in a tropical region or you like tropical design, you can try this metal roof pergola. This roof is designed with a cone shape. It may be more appropriate for a small pergola. Besides good protection from the sun and rain, you can also make it more enjoyable. For example, it will be a good idea if you apply a hammock. So, you can relax there when you are bored or feel stressed after thinking about your work every day. Therefore, you do not need to go far outside to refresh your mind in the weekend.

Coastal Living Metal Roof Pergola

Coastal living metal roof pergola can also be considered as one of the best ideas to try. This pergola is designed in being connected with a house. So, the metal roof of the pergola is still connected to the house. This makes the pergola look more elegant. Commonly, this pergola is appropriate for you who like luxurious style. Even though connected to the house, it has its own roof. So, it is possible if the pergola roof is made from metal whereas the house roof is made from tile.

Backyard Dining Metal Roof Pergola

If you have a dream to have a dining room outdoor, this idea is appropriate for you. You can plan creating a pergola with metal roof to provide strong protection. So, you may have dishes comfortably. What you need is to apply a dining table. Besides that, you also need some chairs based on your need. The best chairs are rattan chairs but other chairs are also great. Anyway, you should make it as comfortable as possible so that everyone can enjoy eating there. Do not forget to add lamps so that it will be beautiful for dinner.

From those ideas above, which metal roof pergola do you like most? All of them are good but you should choose your desired one. Then, follow it at your own home yard.

Metal Roof Pergola Design Ideas Pictures


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