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Lion Skin Rug with Head For Sale

Do you want to add something brave and exotic to your living room? You can pick lion skin rug for obtaining those benefits. Lion is a king of a jungle that is given honored due to its courage and beauty. Lion is not chosen to be a king for no reason. It is the animal that will never give up its prey. In addition, the animal is pretty with its brown fur and strong bodies. Lion is also exotic because it is the animal of that Africa wild life. Lion has been explored well in movies and animated movies. Lions are strong and cute at the same time. The skin, fur, and strength of lions will look cool for an interior décor.

Lion skin rug is thus so pretty to place in our living room. However, it is not that beautiful to place killed animal as part of our home décor. When it is a home décor, to kill an animal is not a wise thing to do. We have to teach the kid to love nature and not to harm if just for the sake of beauty. Instead, we can use fake lion skin rug for reaching the same prettiness. We will be able to get faux lion skin rug online and enjoy the comfort and strong impression from lion rug without killing the king of jungle.

The panther leo is one of pretty family of the five big cats in the animal world. It is the member of genus panther in the family of Felidae. The species of lions are the most enchanting cats that always receive huge admirations. Brown lions and white lioness is native of South Africa, they come from Timbavati region. Regarding the size, lion is a large living cat and the runner up after tiger. The close family of lions includes tiger, jaguar, and leopard; all of which are handsome with so amazing fur and patterns. Lions are mainly known so furry with a mane around its head. However, female lions are actually recognized to have shorter fur and actually appear neater without a mane. Lions with mane and who stay with their babies are that of male. Lions live longer in the captivity because it is saver and is claimed to give them more foods compared to the wild. In the captivity, lions can more than 20 years while in the wild, they can live no longer than 14 years. A pride of lions walking through the savannah look so amazingly beautiful. That makes human so greedily think about placing them in their living room. Lion skin rug is then popular for its beauty for covering the wooden floor in a log cabin house, classic house, and also country house.

Receiving much popularity, lion, tiger, and bear rugs are offered through professional rug specialist online. We can easily order them from the service. However, it will be better for us to think about buying real rugs since the rate is so high that we can actually buy several beautiful wool rugs with high quality. Besides, the maintenance is not that simple.

Lion skin rug have to use properly. And there are several things that should be avoided:

  1. We should not display or place them in an area with lots of sun. Direct sunlight will not be healthy for the skin rug. With excessive heat, the end of the rug might curl and look dull. Besides, the sunlight will possibly dry out the rug.
  2. We can’t place lion skin rug in the area with high traffic. The skin might quickly wear thin with too much foot traffics
  3. The rug cannot receive too humid temperature. The surface of the rug will be full of mold when the rug is placed in a room that is too humid.
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Lion Skin Rug with Head For Sale




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