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Kutner and O’Conner Foyer Light Fixture Ideas Image

How to light up the foyer? Foyer light fixture ideas will give us a good inspiration. For a home improvement project including lighting designs, we have to be professional. Lighting fixture costs a lot and thus we need to get prepared with the essential information before starting the project. That is why we need to consult designers in order to get the right styles which fit our taste. We have to at least read the explanation or ideas offered by a pro like Malcom James Kutner and Sean O’Connor. The famous interior designers are well-known for their work in high end residential. The works of those two designers always look balance in beauty and function. They have been involved in various interior design tasks including in retail, hospitality projects, and residents.

Both designers have introduced several ideas of giving proper light to the foyer. Foyer or entryway is a center of impression in a house. We need to state our style in this very space. For the lighting fixtures, we can determine to use pendant lighting fixtures that show contemporary style. For a house that adopts the style of modern minimalist, sconce fixtures with minimalist outfit are available also. The important thing is that we have to choose the mood for giving it a perfect finish.

How to Choose Foyer Lighting Fixture Ideas

The first thing to consider is the scale. Therefore, different foyer with specific height will need different treatments. Besides, we have to also consider the furniture before deciding the lighting fixture style. This is important to create balance and unity in the foyer area. In addition, foyer lighting design will be influenced by the mirrors and art work hung on the area. After thinking about all of the considerations, foyer lighting can be designed just right so guests feel pleased to move into the next room.

  • Foyer lighting fixture ideas will be inviting and leave deep impressions.

The experienced interior designers state that the tone of a décor is determined thoroughly with the selection of lighting fixture. Whether people want to decorate their house with bold and sleek modern style or with the layered traditional look, the warmth of the room will be created as the lighting is properly selected. Warm color of lamps can be obtained by mounted incandescent and halogen bulb. Additionally, high-efficacy light sources such as LED or fluorescent lighting will be a good choice. We can also pick lighting products with 2700K temperature to get the warm effect. The warm color will show hospitality and inviting impacts.

  • So, what is the right type of fixture to use to make the awesome foyer lighting fixture ideas work well?

Kutner said that the type of lighting fixture for foyer depends on so many factors and there is no rule to get the right lamps. Some foyers need a pendant while the others need sconce and lamp. The aesthetic is the main problem in choosing the best ones. Meanwhile, Malcolm said that when choosing the lighting fixture, we have to think about the balance between the space and humanized space. He said that sconces and ceiling lights can be good to give illumination to the foyer furniture and ornaments. Yet, it is necessary to incorporate accent lighting for providing contrast, he said.

In order to give the flawless style, we can pick Tom Dixon’s pendants. Moreover, Richmond’s Venetian series of lighting fixture will also be good option for both modern and traditional foyer styles. But for a house that is furnished with vintage and rustic styles, to use antique and vintage lighting fixtures is recommended.

Best Kutner and O’Conner Foyer Light Fixture Design Ideas Image

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