Inspiring Japanese Style Pergola Ideas

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If you have a large yard, you can make it more useful with pergola. Pergola is now more and more popular. It is useful as an outdoor space that can protect you from the sun. So, you can relax yourself under a pergola. Even more, some pergolas come with roof that can protect from the rain. If you are interested in Asian style, it will be a good plan to make Japanese style pergola. Here are some ideas that can be your inspirations.

Japanese Style Pagoda

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Actually, pagoda is different from pergola. However, it can also be included into the type of pergola. Japanese style pagoda has the stronger construction. It can be made from hardwood, metal or even concrete. Besides that, it also has tile roof so that it is very good to protect from the sun and rain. The size can be various depending on your desire. To add the attractiveness, people usually pain it with desired pain color. For the construction model, it usually brings from Hinduism’s shrine design.

Japanese Style Bridge Pergola Ideas

As we know that pergola is commonly made on the ground. However, you can also consider creating a pergola above the ground. So, the second idea that you can try is Japanese style bridge pergola. In this idea, you can make the pergola to connect one building to another. Do not forget to make side protection wall for the safety. Besides that, you have also to make sure that it is easy to access. Then, the construction should also be strong because it is not on the ground.

Japanese Style Pergola above a Pool

Do you have s pool on your yard? If you have a pool, it will be very creative and attractive idea to make a pergola above it. Because it is made above the pool, it should be designed with strong construction. You should also apply side protection for the safety like the bridge pergola. If you want to make it look romantic, you can add some lamps around the pergola. You can use it for dinner with your spouse while enjoying the beautiful view. Anyway, this Japanese style pergola can be considered as one of the best ideas to follow.

Japanese Style Deck Pergola

The next idea is Japanese style deck pergola. This pergola is combined with deck design. This pergola is usually made from wholly woods. Besides that, it also usually has roof that cannot only protect from the sun but also from the rain. Some people apply a table and some chairs to make it more useful. Even more, many people consider applying a luxurious sofa for the seat. You should not decorate it with many accessories. Just keep it simple and natural and you will feel comfortable and will not be bored there.

Japanese Style Pergola with Stairs

In Asian style especially Japanese style, people usually make a pergola with stairs. They like a pergola that has higher place. If you are interested in it, you need hardwoods with great quality for the foundations. Besides that, make a deck for the floor. For the roof, it depends on your desire. Some people love straight stairs but some other people prefer bent stairs. So, you can make your desired model of stair. This pergola is perfect for an informal space. So, you can consider following this idea.

That is all the ideas that are recommended so much to follow. If you want to make a Japanese style pergola, you can try one of them. From those ideas above, which one do you like most? Just follow it at your own yard.

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