Ideas Pergola End Cuts

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Pergola always looks attractive. However, pergola is not only about roof and other accessories. One of the factors that make pergola look attractive is the end cut. Even though it is not the center point, it can impress people. So, you have to plan pergola end cuts as well as possible. There are many design ideas that you can try for the end cut of your pergola. If you need inspirations or do not know how to make it, hopefully this article will help you.

Pergola End Cut Ideas

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There are so many pergola end cut ideas that you can try. I will share some of the most common ideas. The first is Celtic end cut. It has a little curve before the end. Besides that, the end cut is not sharp. Sometimes, it also has additional curves. Besides that, there is also Viking end cut. It has the sharper end cut than the first one. Even more, it can be one of the sharpest end cuts for pergola. Because the curve is not too arched, it is easier to design or make.

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Then, there is also Condensed Viking end cut. This is similar to the second model but it usually uses the larger woods. Architecturally contoured end cut also belongs to one of the options. However, not many people love it because its design is too complex and difficult to cut. Anyway, it looks really valuable. If you like Asian style, you can consider Japanese end cut where it has straight declivity. So, it is very easy to make or design by your own.

There are still some other ideas. One of them is craftsman end cut where it only has a little bit declivities. This is the easiest end cut design. Norse design also belongs to one of the most common pergola end cuts. It looks sharper and pointed but it is also not difficult to make. Saxon end cut has very aesthetic design but it should be curved carefully to get the best result. The next end cut design is champion end cut. It has simple curves but elegant. It is also simple but beautiful to apply crescent end cut. Other ideas include Roosevelt step end cut, crescent step end cut, axis step end cut, and Roosevelt end cut.

Pergola End Cut Tips

Before practicing how to design end cut for pergola, you need to pay attention to the following pergola end cut tips. Firstly, you have to decide which design you will choose. You should adjust it to the roof or style of the pergola. Then, you should prepare everything you need. It means you need to prepare the tools and anything else you need for designing and cutting.

How to Design Pergola End Cuts

Now, we will talk about how to design pergola end cuts. Firstly, you have to make sure that you prepare the boards or woods. The boards or words should be hard and have high quality. After that, you can start drawing the pattern. You can use a pencil or ballpoint to draw the pattern. It is very important because it affects the result of the cuts.

Now, you can cut the boards. Make sure that you use a small jigsaw to create the best cuts. Cut the boards based on the patterns you have drawn carefully. Lastly, finish it with paint if needed. Besides, you can also consider other finishes to make it perfect. That is all what you need to know about pergola end cuts. Now, you can practice it at home.

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