How to Take a Good Care of Ikea Wool Rug

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Wool is one of the most genius inventions in the textile world. Wool is a textile fiber that is produced from the fur of sheep and other furry animals. Cashmere and mohair from goats are also the popular kinds of wool. Besides, we can also produce qiviut from muskoxen and angora from rabbit’s fur. Other types of wool can be made from camelids. Wool, just like other fabric, has various types and qualities. Wools are valued from the crimped and elasticity. Besides, the quality of wool can be determined by the way it is cut. Wool that is made of living animal will be different compared to the wools that are made of dead animals. Wool with the beautiful texture and warmth is perfect to be manufactured for home appliances and clothes. The world and designers are creative enough to make various products with wool. We can now get high class coats with wool and even, wool rug is one of the most loveable products for home décor. Ikea wool rug is proven to be the best selling product for some years.

Ikea rugs are varied in size, colors, patterns, and materials. Wool rugs are the ones that customers love the most for its high quality pile and texture. Wool rug is famous for the beauty and elegance. Wool rug also looks expensive and extravagant for any rooms. The texture also appears fabulous for any interior styles. We will love the way wool rug offers excellent improvement for the flooring. A room will look more than beautiful since wool rug offers a fashionable enhancement. Ikea wool rug has all of those qualities.

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However, similarly to other types of rug with high pile, wool rug is so susceptible to dirt. For maintaining the beauty, we need to clean the wool rug regularly. Dust particles and soil are easily compiled on the surface of the rug. Therefore, we have to stick on a short interval of time for cleaning this rug. We do not have to contact a professional rug cleaning service for an intensive cleaning task because we can actually save much time by only renting the tools and cleaning the rug ourselves.

How to clean Ikea wool rug:

We do not actually have to get prepared with the tools of high technology to clean the rug. The steps for cleaning a wool rug are also simple. Here are the steps:

  • Use Pure Water

To clean a wool rug, we need to use pure water. Before cleaning the rug, we need to bring the rug outside and beat the surface with a stick in order to remove the soil layer. If possibly, we need to also vacuum cleaning the surface thoroughly before cleaning it. Only after that can we shower the surface and especially the area where contaminated with dusts and soils intensively with pure and clean water.


  • Dry It up Well

Cleaning the rug will be completed as the surface dried up. However, we need to be very careful. We can expose the wool rug directly to the sun light. Direct light and heat from the sun will create bad effects to the rug. The wool rug might be rough due to the excessive drying up. Therefore, we have to dry the rug in a shadow.

Ikea wool rugs are produced in high quality wool. Therefore, we have to maintain it carefully. We need to follow all of the procedures in order to get a better functionality and beauty. We will need to make a regular schedule for cleaning the rug and avoid spilling sticky liquid on the surface to keep it fluffy and inviting.

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