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Functional Bunk Bed Lighting Ideas Image

I once stayed in a shared room of a small boarding house and it was a terrible experience because of the bad bunk bed lighting. I had to sleep on the upper bed and suffered a lot because it was so narrow. I could reach the ceiling easily and even almost touched my head on it every time I sat on the bed. During dry seasons, I found it hard to breath because of the tiny space. I could even use the bed only for sleeping. I could not take my books to my bed because I would end up drooling on it. I hardly ever read my books on my bed because of the poor lighting. I wished I could have a good wall sconce so I could enjoy my books while spending some times on my bed. Bunk bed lighting ideas are that essential because of the limited space. A room has a bunk bed because it does not have much space for additional furniture. Therefore, we have to optimize the lighting so the room will be more functional.

Bunk beds are the solutions for limited space in a boarding house, dormitory rooms, and a children bed room.  If we have not enough space or want to help the kids to have more times for a sibling bonding, bunk beds will be a good way out. Additionally, bunk beds are excellent to save the time for telling the bed time stories. Bunk beds will also be a favorite nest if they are well decorated. Kids love to do physical activities such as running, jumping, and climbing. To have a bunk bed will be awesome because they can climb easily and safely. The problem of bunk beds is always in the lighting. Bunk beds have a dark space to solve and it will be quite easy if we want to see some inspirations and bunk bed lighting ideas.

Wall Sconce

Just like I said before, wall sconces will be helpful for reducing the dark space in a bunk bed. We have to place one sconce for each wall. The upper bed needs wall sconces due to the low ceiling while the under bed needs the illumination due to the coverage of the upper bed. In addition, it is also essential that we place wall mounted lighting that fixture is adjustable or facing down. This will be helpful for reading purposes. In addition, it is necessary to have the wall sconces to give the wider space impression. This wall sconce is quite a must because a main bedroom ceiling mounted lighting will not be enough to brighten the space for a bunk bed.

String Lighting

Other bunk bed lighting ideas seem to give more than just a light. It gives the aesthetic and fun factor to a bunk bed. Most of the time, families use the shared room because of the limited space. However, limited space does not have to be dull and ordinary. Therefore, besides giving cute ornaments and bed sheet as part of the décor, we need to also add decorative lighting. String lighting will be the best choice. We can drape it on the wall so it gives the under bed more fun appearance. Besides, we can also place the lighting under the upper bed and cover it with sheer white linen. When turned on, the small bulb will shine and provide the scenery of starry sky seen from the under bed.

Those simple bunk bed lighting ideas will give a huge difference. We have to make the kid’s room awesome so they can enjoy their childhood in a shared room more wonderful to experience.

Below are Pictures of Bunk Bed Lighting Ideas:

Bunk Bed Lighting Ideas
childrens bunk bed lights
cool bunk bed lamp
reading lights for bunk beds



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