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french country kitchen lighting fixtures

French country lighting ideas have to provide a least two factors for a house; a warm feeling and a homey atmosphere. That is the key impressions that are offered by a house with French country decoration. The vibe is so warm that people want to spend their time more in their French country house. Similarly to a country house of all styles, French country concept should be really classic and homey. It is not easy sometimes to create that perfect ambiance. It needs a long process that includes ageing furniture and perhaps the mature homeowners. When the furniture ages naturally, the d├ęcor will look naturally gorgeous as well. And a house with a classic theme such as French country will feel so much rewarding when it is decorated just right by the mature homeowners. A house with a theme is always that tricky. Homeowners should be matured enough in spending their money and taste for decorating it. They cannot play too much and have to use their instinct. Yes, that applies also in the lighting selection.

Natural Concepts in French Country Lighting Ideas

If we want to keep it natural and make the natural impression vivid, we have to bring the nature into it. First of all, we need to choose the color of nature. French country homes can be furnished with dark oak furniture. This is one of the most beautiful natural colors to choose. If we do not want to make it too dark, we can choose light brown oak for the furniture. Next, we can select green or light green. We might also love to include crisp blue sky color to resemble the color of a morning sky. For some reasons, tangerine and yellow are also excellent to remind you of the color of harvested fruits. We need to only use our imagination and try to relate it with the nature and outdoor appearance; so the outfit of our French country will be just amazing. We have to let sun light enters the wide windows so the natural lighting drops nicely into the setting of each room.

In addition, we can also bring the floral themes inside. This will create a fun effect for the house. Sometimes, we disassociate a style with another style that we think it is. For the floral style, we need to pay more attention. Most of the time, floral is identical with shabby chic theme but this style is different to French country style. So, we have to be very careful. We can pick floral curtain and sofa but the wall should be plain; we cannot apply polka dot pattern like the way shabby chic does its floral pattern. Besides, we need to avoid too many ornaments with flowers because French country style highlights the natural element in a bold way. So, we need to mix the floral with wooden elements.

What about the lighting ideas?

French country lighting ideas have to set the mood in each room perfectly. Therefore, we need to consider the functions of each room before selecting the lighting fixtures. For instance, we want our bedroom looks classy and romantic. Meanwhile, we want to get the impression of warm in a kitchen and kitchen nook area. For such different purposes, we need to install different lighting fixtures.

Kitchen is a place in which several types of lighting are needed. Our kitchen sink and the long table of preparation area have to be illuminated brightly with daylight lighting. It is also recommended to use fluorescent lighting. If we have other furniture such as kitchen islands, we will need to provide softer lighting beam for better French country lighting ideas. The coffee bar and dining table in the kitchen should be well lit with halogen daylight fixtures. The lighting should not be so excessive to provide relaxing air around the seating area. The soft illumination is also wonderful for a casual atmosphere. In the dining area, chandeliers are more recommended to develop its romantic air. In French country homes, lighting fixtures with dark color of carved metal finish will be brilliant choices.

french country kitchen lighting fixtures
French Country Lighting Ideas
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