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Fireplace Mantel Lighting Ideas Image

Fireplace Mantel Lighting Ideas

When winter comes, staying at home is nothing optional. We have to deal with the cold temperature that sometimes biting so suddenly. However, there are always great moments to enjoy during winter. Besides going to have fun in the sky resort, we can simply get out the sled and enjoy it with our kids. Additionally, sitting around the fireplace is also rewarding for some reasons. It will always be romantic and lovable to be close with the loved one and gather around the fireplace. That is why fire place should be improved well with quality d├ęcor. We need to also think about remodeling our fireplace once we think it needs an update. Besides to place some essential ornaments, we need to also think about fitted fireplace mantel lighting ideas to make the area more beautiful.

How to Decorate Fireplace Mantel Lighting Ideas:

A fireplace, by which the cold of a winter day released with warmth, is a natural gathering feature at home. A room with fire place is one of the most important rooms in a house and with the right decoration ideas this room will be a focal point. Besides placing some furniture around, we have to make sure that we decorate it with wonderful mantel. Today, we do not have to construct the mantel since we can purchase various types of fireplace mantel made of woods, marble, steel, and tiles. Decoration options include our favorite books, cute table ornaments, and lighting fixtures. To make the lighting as a beauty statement, we have to include styles and class when selecting it. Lighting can simply do the talking, a nice lit for the warm place.

Fireplace Mantel Lighting Ideas

Commonly, we do not like to combine the classic look of fireplace with the modern technology of lighting. We want to make it homey by applying only conventional lighting bulbs. We should try hanging some led lighting of pendant styles that resemble the design of modern contemporary. That will create high class illumination on the fireplace mantel. Interesting improvement will be made as we place wall sconces above the mantel. For a better outfit, we can place a shelf on the upper part of the mantel and place a pair of small lamps. Those fireplace mantel lighting ideas will change the ordinary outfit of a fireplace totally.

Light up the Top Mantel Fireplace

Other fireplace mantel lighting ideas are to place small light bulbs on the top of the mantel. It allows light to beautify the texture of the mantel. We do not buy unique fireplace mantel to hide its beauty. On the contrary, we have to highlight its prettiness by adding lighting on top. The illumination will deliver a wonderful illumination that creep up the pattern of the natural stone, brick, or marble wall above the fireplace. If it is tile fireplace, the look will even be more stunning. The upper wall will look like an artistic background that even appears as the focal point of the space.

If we place other excitement above the fireplace mantel, we can give a lit with another idea; led strands lighting. This is a solution if we place LED television above the fireplace. We do not want to disturb its picture quality by spotting light or reflecting illumination directly to the television. Therefore, it is important to apply led strands lighting under the display shelf; above the fireplace mantel.

Fireplace mantel lighting ideas should not be complicated. Sometimes, we have to play simple to get the dramatic design. It should not be busy with too many ornaments or function. We can let the upper part of the mantel free without any decoration and place only one unique lighting fixture.

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