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When I was a child, I dream of a house with grey paint and a white fence. It was not a house with a wooden deck or a house with a classic cabin. A dream house always comes with the dream fence. It seems that a fence is the essential part of an outdoor. Therefore, it is important that we treat fence well when building our dream house. It is also crucial to add fence lighting ideas in its improvement project.

Fence Lighting ideas for White Fences

There are various types of fence that we can build to beautify the outdoor space. However, the most popular fence is a wooden fence with white color. It is a classic fence that can fit almost any types of homes. We do not need to place other outdoor décor if we have a pretty white fence for our garden. The white color can make the garden clean and elegant. With the white color choice, we can easily make a contrast. White looks awesome with the green color of plants, leaves, and grass. Besides, we will love the way blooming flowers of all colors appear so much gorgeous in contrast to the white fence. In addition, white fence with low height can look so much charming because it gives no vivid border between the house, garden, neighbor’s lawn, and roads. This will create wider impression. But how to make the beauty lasts even when the sun goes down. The right white fence lighting ideas will create an even more stunning impact. We can place standard lamp post with classic lantern lighting fixture to add the beauty. A more striking idea is spot light. Placing two or more spotlights will make the garden look charming in the evening.

Line Lighting to Highlight Pretty Fence

In some fence lighting ideas, the upper lighting is not enough. We need to place line lighting with low voltage fixture in order to give the fence more glaring beauty at night times. It will be great to have a garden or pool with such line lighting but it will look more gorgeous to treat fence with the line light. As we throw a party outdoor, we will feel enjoyable to see that the fence is shiny thanks to the lamp posts and line lighting. Solar power lights are also applicable for this very idea.

Contemporary Fence Lighting Ideas

Besides white fence, contemporary fences are loved as well. It is a high fence made of wood that looks more like a wall. This type of fence is good for the privacy as well as beauty. To make this fence stunning, we can add channel glass lighting that is illuminated from within. The glass column will shine and appears charming as the glowing bands for the front area. The illumination will shine through the bottom and brighten the wooden pattern of the fence. This looks beyond genius for providing modern home super delightful scenery during night times. But that is for the outer appearance. For the inside section, we will need to place warm-toned lights to place along the bottom border. It will look like the accent led lighting that illuminates so warm. To make it more beautiful, we need to pick hue lights of blue or bright white. It is not recommended to use fluorescent because it will be too strong and distracting for the outdoor. Instead, we need to use amber-colored fire lighting fixture for these fence lighting ideas. With some other ornaments such as short torches with brilliant colors such as orange or red, this contemporary fence will look just amazing.

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