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Exclusive Real Tiger Rug Ideas Image

When we are done with the furniture selection, it is time for us to play well with the rug. To design beautiful flooring is a must. Flooring is the first place that we step on when we are home. Besides, flooring is also the center of attention right on our feet. Therefore, we need to design it well. Flooring design determines the balance of a room and also the prettiness of a room ambiance. Even, flooring styles can also influence the warmth or a room. To furnish a house is a daunting task and needs an artistic instinct. To choose the best flooring types is the first task. Today, we can select a vast array selection of rugs and carpets for our flooring. We can pick laminated flooring with wood patterns. In addition, we can also create a warmer ambiance with hardwood flooring. The color of brown looks so natural for any types of house. Additionally, we can also apply tiles in our flooring. Tiles are made of several materials that can provide special outfit to a house. We can even determine our art taste through tile patterns that we select. Tiles are made of thousands patterns and colors to match all kinds of moods. After selecting the flooring types, we still need to select the best area rugs and carpet to make the flooring more stunning. Rugs with special design such as real tiger rug will make a room attractive and bold at the same time.

Real Tiger Rug Ideas for Charming Classic Looks

It might be the dream of anyone to have a living room with a beautiful fireplace and tiger rug. It will be the living room of a super rich art collector and that is awesome. Tiger rugs can give a super inviting impression. There are several colors of real tiger rugs that we can get in the market. We can fin brown, yellowish brown, black, and white rugs. We can never say that the rate is low for such beautiful rugs but who cares about the price if we can get amazing ambiance with such pretty flooring d├ęcor.

Real skin and fur rugs are offered for 70 USD to thousands USD. The cheapest animal rugs are made of blesbok back skin; the size of which is 24 inch x 21 inch. Meanwhile, the most expensive animal skin rug is made of tiger, lion, and zebra. Zebra rugs with its black and white stripes are offered for $2,250.00. The rate of rugs made of tiger skin is slightly higher than that.

If zebra rugs are perfect for a contemporary and modern minimalist home designs, real tiger rug is perfect for a country house. Traditional homes with rustic look are also beautiful with this type of rugs. However, real tiger rugs are not the rugs that we can apply without any measurements. Besides thinking of the color scheme, we have to place in the room that will not disrupt its prettiness. It is easier to change the wall color so if we decide to place the rug, we have to make sure that the wall color fits it well. If we choose yellow rug, it is necessary to make the wall colored with striking tangerine that makes it harmonious or off white color that give the rug more elegant appearance.

Real tiger rug is also beautiful in a unique way. I mean, not every house has this superb rug. Therefore, we need to maintain of this rug carefully. We need to avoid sticky dirt and too much exposure to sun light. Besides, we need to clean it regularly to keep away from unwanted odors.

Real Tiger Rug Ideas Images

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