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DIY Project: Cool Christmas Light Ideas Image

It is common to design outdoor Christmas lighting with led string light. What we need to do for making an outstanding Christmas décor is to design cool Christmas light ideas. With cool ideas, Christmas will feel a little more enchanting. It will be better if we do the DIY projects for creating cool lighting. There are various ideas that we can follow. The tutorials look easy and it is worth trying. Here are some of the ideas:

  1. Christmas giant ball

Beautiful Christmas Giant Ball Light Design
Cool Christmas Giant Ball Light Ideas

Cool Christmas light ideas can be placed both indoor and outdoor. The giant ball lighting can be placed in the lawn so we can make our neighbor jealous. The giant ball with illuminations will look like a Christmas balls that we often hang in the Christmas trees, only that they are a lot bigger. We need to pick led bulbs of multi color for making an attention stealer. To make this ball lighting for decorating the front yard, we will need to create the ball construction with wire. The size should be varied for giving the gorgeous accent. After that, we need to wrap the ball with string lighting. It will be good to give different color of string light for each. When turned on, the lawn will turn into a magical world with giant sparkling balls.

  1. Christmas lighted glass blocks

Cool Christmas lighted glass blocks

Glass blocks are normally built and inserted among other bricks for giving a room good lighting. The natural light of sun and lamps can go through the glass blocks creating comfortable ambiance in a room. Glass blocks are often utilized on the wall that has no windows. To use glass block decoration for cool Christmas lighting ideas is thus a brilliant idea. We need to search for some ideas and create some to place in the interior space. We can create snowman, Santa, winter, stars, reindeer, or any other Christmas themes lighted glass blocks for decorating the windows and dining tables. We can also make use glass block lighting for giving a tint of romance around the Christmas trees. When lighted with colored light bulbs, glass blocks will look amazing for a Christmas. We can even place these cool Christmas light ideas in a dining table to replace the candles.

  1. Snowflakes Stars

Best Hanging Christmas Snowflakes Stars Lighting Ideas

The girls will love these cool Christmas lighting ideas. They look like the symbols that appear a lot in the animated movie frozen. The snowflakes stars will look cool for the front porch. We can simply hang them on our front porch ceiling. They will give superb a welcome that is more than impressive. We need to hang many if we want to deliver stunning outfit to the front deck.

  1. Christmas Lighting Motives

Frontyard Christmas Lighting Motives Decor

We can now find led bulb and incandescent lights with motives. This will give us ease when creating the cool Christmas lighting ideas. We do not have to create artistic lighting since the motives are all awesome. We can easily change our front yard into a winter land with animated elf and stockings that shine bright during night times. We can also make a fun parody in the décor by choosing waving Santa with a golf cart and controller lighting motives. Rope Light Trains are also nice to place on the rooftop.

The secret of cool Christmas lighting ideas is the unique design. We have to be striking if we want to appear different among the neighborhood. We do not have to spend much if we have enough creativity. We need to list the possible DIY Christmas lighting projects that we can do for the upcoming Christmas. Cool lighting will make our Christmas lasts.

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