Car Themed Boy’s Room with Ikea Car Rug

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Decorating a kid’s room is a fun task to do. Parents will love to serve their kids with the best bedroom design that meets their wish. Every kid is special and it is so much important to give them the most comfortable place to grow. When they feel loved and comfortable when being at home, they will never think to do rebellious things. We have to make the kids close to their family and tied tightly with a warm bond to start teaching them goodness. A house that can accommodate their wishes and personalities will surely give them a great place to grow. It is always that complicated when it deals with providing services for the kids. Besides, it is also necessary that we serve anything that can give them happy time at home. Happiness is essential for giving them a good mood. There are several things that we have to design when it is for giving the kid fun times in their bedroom. First of all, we have to set a theme and color. For a girl, pink color is always a great color for their room. Meanwhile, boys will love blue bedroom with various themes. To use Disney or animation characters are too common and thus, we have to think about something else. Girls will love floral or candy theme. And we can choose unique ideas such as nautical and car tracks for the boys. Boys will love to enjoy a bedroom with Ikea car rug on the flooring.

  • Traffic Themed Boys’ Room

Boys love to spend their free times outdoor. They need a space for running, swinging, and perhaps jumping all around. They love to climb and do other physical activities. Therefore, we have to serve them with the facilities. The first step for making the idea of traffic theme works is to set a tone. It will be great to use much blue or white color so the room will look bright and inviting. It is also good to use red colors but the shade of reds are usually good for a fire truck theme. For a general traffic theme, blue and white are more preferable. After setting the tone, we need to place a huge décor in the flooring and wall so it gives a striking welcome for the boys. We need to use something like Ikea car rug to color the flooring. The rug is a low piled with a nice printing traffic printing on. The rug is printed with roads, some cars, and city scenery. The design is unique and the rug is offered for $15. The size is small but it is suitable with the cute room of the boys.

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  • Car Play Mat

Besides setting up the flooring with Ikea car rug, we have to also make it livelier with car play mat. With a play mat, the kids will stay in their room comfortable and securely. We can design a cool corner with bookshelf and toy racks so they can play happily.

  • Add Some Boyish Ornament

If we want to make them feel comfortable to stay in their room, we have to give a space for them to climb. Bunk bed is good choice. Bunk beds with cool designs for boys are also available in Ikea. Besides, we can also add a tent so they can hide inside while playing with their superheroes toys.

Ikea offers a wonderful series of play mats and Ikea car rug for helping us creating a comfortable nest for the boys. To color their room with fun items is a must and Ikea has it all.

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