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Can We Find Cheap Hanging Bubble Chair under 100 USD? Image

acrylic hanging chair from ceiling

Of so many ornaments and home furniture, we can use functional decorative furniture such as wicker swing, wicker egg chairs, and hanging bubble chairs. Hanging bubble chairs are smart invention that has been making our house more comfortable than ever. This type of decorative furniture is more artistic compared to that of the bean bag bed furniture. The clear material of hanging bubble chair makes this piece of furniture look classy and so much stunning. Cheap hanging bubble chair under 100 usd is also available online.

Cheap Hanging Bubble Chair under 100 USD

The hanging bubble chair is the masterpiece of Eero Aarnio. He invented this furniture for answering the demand of contemporary furniture for a cozy life. Interior decorators have invented various home furniture and decors that include innovation and sophistication. This bubble chair had taken the home improvement market in 1968. The popularity of hanging bubble chairs was massive that some improvements and innovations are made to satisfy the customers better. The high level of comfort and classy appearance are the main power of this furniture. Besides, this furniture is loved for its special acoustic quality. With the unique shape and comfort, this hanging bubble chair is the right furniture for those who want to get a superb relaxation. Therefore, everyone is craving to get cheap hanging bubble chair under 100 usd.

We can actually get the chair under $100 but we need to make sure that the product has passed the standard quality. Here are several factors that we have to check to appraise the quality of bubble chairs.

  • Acrylic Material

Aarnio designed this piece of furniture with the well-lighted material so the product will be secured when hung. Besides, it is important to make the product visible. Therefore, acrylic is the best material to use. Acrylic is chosen because of its malleable when heated. It is thus possible to blow the material into bubble. Acrylic is also proven to be secured and lightweight. Therefore, we need to check whether the cheap product of bubble chair is made of acrylic.

  • Chain Quality

We have to know that the original product of bubble chair is features with a steel ring. The heated acrylic was placed on it and then blown until become a big bubble chair. Besides, we have to also check the chain quality. Because it is a hanging chair, it is crucial to make sure that the chain is made of strong material.

After checking the chain material and quality, we need to check the ceiling. Cemented ceilings and additional hook are obliged. It is important to hang the bubble chairs on the cemented ceiling so it can be easily screwed. To get cheap hanging bubble chair under 100 usd one thing but to endanger our life by hanging it on the non-cemented ceiling is quite another.

  • The Dimension

After checking the materials, we need to view the weight capacity and dimension as well. The diameter of the hanging bubble chair should be 42″. Meanwhile, the depth is approximately 42″. The height of the furniture is commonly 31″ to 32″. The chairs weight is 43 two 61 pounds. The furniture can carry a load of 300 pounds or about 136 kilos. So, it is dangerous to use the chair for two people.

  • Optimum Comfort

We are not buying a hanging bubble chair to feel upset with its bad comfort. Therefore, we need to ensure that it is equipped with a full-sized leather upholstered cushion.

Cheap hanging bubble chair under 100 usd can be purchased through several stores such as eBay. In Alibaba, the rate is quite high but we can still search for the lower rate through online used furniture store. However, the standard rate for it is around $3000 so in my opinion, it is a bit impossible to get in that low price.

acrylic hanging chair from ceiling
Hanging Bubble Chair under 100 USD
indoor hanging bubble chair




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