Black And White Chevron Rug

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Black and white is the iconic color of fashion. High fashion always inserts black and white to highlight extravagance. Besides, the shiny black is always the symbol of fantastic beauty. Luxury inside many branded handbags is also represented well when it is made with colors. High class brands in fashion always bring the tint of black and white colors so the products look glamorous as well as enchanting. Chanel is one of the brands that keep the black and white colors into fashionable items. Many other brands follow the trends. Even, the world keeps admiring black and white as the visualization element that makes the artistry in our subconscious mind comes into reality. Though sometimes fashion world changes its color dominant, black and white will still take the essential roles as the prime stars among other colors. Even for a home design, black and white always gives a stunning impact. Black and white colors are brought to many home designs and trends; both ethnic home designs and contemporary home outfits. Today, black and white home furniture and ornaments receive high popularity. We can now get various types of home d├ęcor with unique black and white patterns. For instance, Black And White Chevron Rug is the superstar among many black and white patterned rugs.

The Eclectic Impression of Black and White Chevron Rugs

Among the classic combinations of color that look stunning together, black and white with chevron pattern is the most elegant one. The combination outshines luxury and class at the same time. We often hear that white is the new black. It means, the beauty of white color replaces the prettiness of black. In fashion, little black dress and white shoes receive great honors. In home decoration world, black and white rugs will make the jewelry right on the flooring. Black And White Chevron Rug looks cool for a modern home. The appearance is sleek and bold. People can easily make a harmonious blend of chevron pattern with other patterns in the same room. Yet, black and white rug with chevron pattern is not bad for a traditional home too.

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Chevron pattern is more than stunning for highlighting eclectic modern design. Besides, the black and white colors are so simple that they will match the pattern in a unique way. Chevron carpets and area rugs will make a room standout in a way that it provides a dimension in a room.

How to Mix Chevron Rugs with other Patterns

The pattern of chevron is big enough to combine with other patterns in one room. So, it will be possible to select furniture with floral pattern or curtain with the same pattern. To use too crowded patterns in a room is not recommended but to have a chevron rug will not be ugly when the sofa is already patterned. Besides, the color of black and white is also a great color combination to place other selection in one room.

For example, as it is now a trend to design a living room with shabby chic theme. For applying this theme, pastel colors are explored. Dusty pink, turquoise, and off white are the colors that are selected for giving the essence of shabby in a room. But then, those color needs something that is striking for obtaining the flawless impression.

In short, to pick black and white chevron rugs is a good idea. We can find the best collections in Ikea and other trusted rug store. The famous brand such as Allen and Roth can show how chevron rugs can look that delightful for a living room.

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