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Best Pergola Floor Ideas Image

If you want to make a pergola, you should plan it properly. It does not only relate to the pergola design and roof but also other things including the floor. Flooring has an important role to impress people. That is why it is very interesting to discuss about pergola floor. There are many ideas that you can try. If you are confused, you can pay attention to the following options below.

Pergola Wooden Floor

The most common idea is pergola wooden floor. Besides durable, this also looks good. It is divided into 2. The first is wooden tiles whereas the second one is wooden planks. Either of them is really impressive for pergola.

Colorful Mixture Pergola Floor

The second option is colorful. This idea combines many flooring types. For example is a floor that consists of flagstone, concrete blue geckos, colored tile, and pea gravels. Even though it consists of many floor types, it will still be easy to maintain.

Concrete Paver Pergola Floor

The next idea is concrete paver pergola floor. This is best for a walkway on your garden. So, you can design a walkway with concrete pavers that lead to your pergola. Then, the pergola flooring is also made from concrete pavers, too.

Stone Pergola Floor

You can also consider creating pergola flooring made from stone. This is very hard and strong so that the durability is undoubted. This is also appropriate for any garden style or view. You can also maintain it easily.

Decking Pergola Floor

Decking pergola floor also belongs to the most common options. You can combine it with green artificial grass. This will be perfect for outdoor and even easy maintenance. To make it durable, you need to create water resistant roof.

Artificial Grass Pergola Floor

The next pergola floor idea is artificial floor. This may not be a common option. However, this idea will be very exciting. In this idea, the most important thing is that you must keep the grass clean and maintained well.

Stone Slab Pergola Floor

You can also use stone slabs for the floor of your pergola. It looks natural and very fresh so that everyone will feel excited there. This will be great if you create a pool near or around your outdoor pergola.

Patterned Pergola Floor

This flooring idea requires you to combine green & white checkerboard. This is perfect for your outdoor pergola. With this floor, it will be more impressing if you apply dining space with a small table and some chairs.

  • Boulder Pergola Floor

If you want to create a peaceful nuance, you can consider this pergola flooring. This is very good for natural walkway that leads to the seating area. It will be better if you create a pool near your outdoor pergola.

Flagstone Pergola Floor

If you want to make a dining area under your pergola, you can consider using flagstone for the flooring. If needed, you can also apply a rug on the flagstone floor. To add the attractiveness, choose unique chairs and table.

Faux Slate Tile Pergola Floor

Another best option is faux slate tile. This flooring is simple where it is made from concrete with chemical stains. You can create your own desired pattern for the pergola flooring. Besides attractive, this will also be easy to maintain. So, this flooring option is recommended so much.

That is all best and most recommended pergola floor that you can try. From those ideas above, which one do you like most? You can compare them choose the most interesting one. Hopefully this can inspire and ease you to find your desired floor for pergola.

Best Pergola Floor Ideas Pictures

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