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Best Flokati Rug from Ikea Image

The stunning charm of our house can come from a single flokati rug Ikea. We do not have to buy a fancy rug that comes from a famous rug producer country to make a house elegant. It is more necessary to choose rugs that our house perfectly. The matching color and pattern of a rug will make a room look stunningly elegant. This is so, because rugs can create color contrast between ceiling, wall, and flooring. It will be cool if we know the right rugs that fit our room design.

For instance, retro room will look perfect with bright colors of red, green, purple, and yellow. We can also pick rugs with checkered pattern and abstract to compliment the retro flooring outfit. Meanwhile, floral rugs are the flawless match for a vintage house. We often mix up old look with shabby outfit and choose the wrong rugs. The best selection of vintage rugs can look ugly because we need to make the flooring standout. It is better for us to get rugs with soft colors. Pastel colors like dusty pink, baby blue, or light green can be a great choice. In addition, we can also find one with old pattern. As long as the outfit looks pretty old, it will be a great match for a vintage home design. Meanwhile, bold rugs such as tiger rugs are wonderful for a classic home. Country living rooms can also appear fantastic with this rug. And minimalist and modern home will be stunning with Flokati rug Ikea.

Flokati Rug Ikea History

Vlachs created Flokati rugs in the 5th century. Vlachs is a latin heir from central, eastern, and south east Europe. This rug is made of 100% wool. The appearance was fluffy and it was easy to rinse them in the turbulent water in the making process. The back part of it was also full with wool. This rug is the warmest and the best selection for covering a house from the biting winter. Today, the appearance of flokati rugs is a little different. Still covered with 100% wool but the designs and durability are now much better. We can find high quality flokati rugs though home décor shops and one of the best is produced by Ikea.

Recently, many products are made of fake material. It is fine to buy flokati rug that is made of imitation wool but it is necessary for us to know the difference so we do not buy the fake one with the high rates. There are some products that are made of polypropylene fiber. The product looks like the genuine flokati rugs but once we touch it, the quality is totally different.  Flokati Rug Ikea is made with genuine material and design is stunning as well. The price is higher compared to the lower competitors but it will be the best deal.

Many customers reported that this Ikea product can last to the next generation. The durability is no joke. The unique appearance and high quality makes this rug worth it. If properly cared, this rug will be a grandma rug that keeps lying on there from one Christmas to another. This rug is available in Ikea online store. We can also find it in the local shop.

Ikea rugs are the best in the industries but we need to select the right type of rug that fits our home design. If it is for our vintage home, modern, and classic living room, flokati rugs Ikea is the right selection. The rate is not that high for its stunning design and long lasting quality.

Best Flokati Rug from Ikea Images

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