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Beautiful Laundry Room Light Fixture Design Ideas Image

The busy laundry room is that one in our house, the improvement of which is never sufficient. To handle laundry, folding, and ironing task is totally tiring. There are various steps in laundry management that a housewife has to deal with every single day. To collect the laundry from some rooms is the first step. Next, they have to start the sorting and washing. From turning on washing machine to spinning the laundry for drying it take at least two hours. After that, folding and ironing tasks are waiting. Those all processes are not only exhausting but also stressful. That is why laundry room should provide essential facilities such as proper storage that will be helpful for organizing laundry supplies. The more important factor that should be well installed is laundry room light fixture ideas. Lighting fixtures should be both beautifying and enhancing a room’s function. Besides, lighting can make all laundry tasks more comfortable to complete. When the tasks have to be executed during nigh times, lighting will make the job easier. Additionally, perfect lighting can add the décor of a laundry room.

Obtaining the most from a laundry room begins with sufficient lighting. The right choice of lighting fixture will create a warm and cozy atmosphere in a laundry room. This is so, because some lighting supplies deliver drastic temperature changes. Laundry room is commonly built in a hidden area next to a bathroom or closet. Some laundry room takes the space in the attic or basement. That hidden area makes the temperature warn and thus, to choose conventional lighting fixtures is not recommended. Conventional bulbs might cause hot effects to a warm laundry room, which is not expected for a comfort reason. Additionally, if a laundry room has a space for ironing, the hot temperature will be nothing but annoying. The hot air will be so much troublesome during the ironing chore. Meanwhile, fluorescent lighting will not be suitable due to its bad illumination for the room ambiance. Laundry room lighting ideas should thus play smart in choosing bulb type. Here are some tips on laundry room lighting that can fit just right.

LED Track Lighting

For a laundry room that has no windows, this track lighting is the best bet. This is a good choice for providing bright illumination in a laundry space. This fixture is also recommended for its efficiency. Giving brightness to the washing machine, dryer, folding table, and even the ironing area is done only with one easy switch. The installation step is simple. It will be comfortable to use it because it is equipped with adjustable dimmer that has flexible beam quality. We can turn the light low as we finish the laundry tasks. When we need to use the light for another daunting laundry jobs, we can simply turn it on.

Under Cabinet Laundry Room Light Fixture Ideas

Laundry room is the room in which storage, drawers, and cabinets are placed. The cabinets are normally installed above the washing machines and dryers. The tiny space under the cabinets will look dark when we leave it without a proper lighting. Therefore, we need to insert LED lighting under the cabinets. The illumination will be functional for a hanging storage or placing ornaments.

Recessed Laundry Room Light Fixture Ideas

The good thing about recessed lighting is because it faces directly down onto the washing area. We can install several recessed lighting with LED bulb for the most stunning impact. We can turn on all if we want to get the best brightness and turn off some of them if we need lower lighting supply.

Laundry Room Light Fixture Design Ideas Images

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