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Basement Stair Lighting Ideas Image

Basement is the least part of a residence that receives good care and décor. This is quite unfair since basement can actually be anything that a family needs as long as people use the best effort in improving it. The fact is that people often ignore the functions of basement and even use it only as a storage room. Inspirations of home improvement have shown that basement can be a warm family room when people place good lighting, clean floor, comfortable furniture, and entertainment sets. Besides, instead of using it as a storage room, people can actually make it useful as a laundry room. Dealing with laundry is always exposed to soap, water, and dirt. Therefore, the hidden space in basement will be a perfect place for it. In addition to that, basement can be a good gallery or a craft corner. For those who love crafting and create art work, basement will be an amazing gallery and a private studio as well. For many reasons, basement is not a waste at all when people put their good efforts on it. Once people decide to make a good use of their basements, they need to also create beautiful ornaments in the stairs. Basement stair lighting ideas are the next urgent things after basement improvements done.

Most of the time, basement becomes the haunting area where people are afraid to step it. In movies and reality, basement stairs always give people goose bumps. Even, in many horror movies, basement stairs are the place where murders occur and ghosts appear. In short, basement stairs are portrayed to be creepy and unpleasant. To make such image disappear, people have to deal with good basement stair lighting ideas.

Here Are The Type Basement Stair Lighting Ideas:

  • Place bulb in each step

A single lighting fixture with CFL can be an economical choice for its durability. However, designer lamps or small LED lamps in each step or on the side of the stairs will look cool. The basement stairs will look pretty and no longer haunting with such idea.

  • Place Lighting Fixtures Well

Basement stair lighting ideas also cover the place where we should mount the fixtures. When placing the stairway lighting, it is essential that we use good measure for the ease of changing jobs. It is good to mount lighting fixtures that are enclosed on the wall of the stairway. Today, we have too many choices of fixture with several shapes such as oval or round. We can even find one with certain theme such as contemporary and nautical look. Thus, to find the perfect bulb will not be difficult.

To use four small lighting fixtures; placing two on each side will look classy. The right light for the stair is the one that is covered with deflective louver. The illumination effect will be so elegant. To place lighting fixtures on the step side and wall is a good idea since ceiling fixtures can sometime be troublesome for it can get in the road every time we want to move big furniture like mattress or sofa to the basement area.

  • Add some alternatives for wall decoration lighting

Minimal illumination from small lighting fixtures will be adequate for a homeowner to see the steps. However, the lighting will not be enough for giving highlight to some wall decorations and other beautiful ornaments. Therefore, to place additional bright lamp will be a brilliant idea.

Those are basement stair lighting ideas that we can use for giving the stairs elegance. In addition, we need to get the references from online home improvement gallery. The pictures will show us how the illumination of good lighting ideas can make the stairs lose its creepy look and appear nicely as an entrance of a comfortable place to enjoy at home.

Beautiful Basement Stair Lighting Design Ideas Images

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