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Artistic Glass Block Lighting Ideas Image

Glass Block Lighting Ideas

For those who love crafting, glass block lighting ideas are the beautiful ideas to try. To spend some times to create art work or craft is definitely a wonderful idea. It does not need high quality artistic talent to create beautiful art and crafts. We need to only set our determination and get ready with the supplies. We will be able to create various crafts that can be gorgeous home décor. Today, we have the internet that can give us the tutorials of many crafts. We can try patch-work a quilt technique to create blanket and bed sheet. We will love how the custom blanket that we create can look so sweet for our window seating and back yard furniture. In addition, we can also create decoupage for giving old supplies more beautiful look. In decoupage technique, we can recycle used kitchen containers such as bottles, cans, and boxes to look more than amazing. It is as easy as placing a colorful sticker to the supplies and cover it with certain finish to make the appearance shiny and last. We can apply vintage pictures of tissue papers that we can easily purchase in the stationery. We can also get a full set of decoupage supplies through art and craft stores.

The latest trend in craft includes more lighting to make the craft shiny. One of the best is glass block lighting ideas. This craft can look awesome as home décor of season theme. In addition, it is also great to use it as a centerpiece. We can use in for decorating a party such as a Halloween party, wedding party, and birthday party. Additionally, it will be great to use this decorative glass block for a special occasion such as Christmas. We can add any kinds of ornaments to add the art inside the glass blocks. Therefore, all themes and styles can be applied in the lighted glass block arts.

Glass block Lighting Ideas with Seasonal Themes

We can pick any Christmas iconic symbols and supplies to decorate the glass block. For instance, we can select Santa Clause and reindeer to insert inside the glass block. Next, we can fill the glass blocks with soft lighting and place some snowflakes sticker on the surface to give the highlight of beautiful winter. To create snowman with the glass blocks is also easy. We need to only check the inspirations through the internet. Besides, we can place some quotes with nice letters on the surface of the glass block to make it shiny during the nights. For Halloween, we can pick orange light bulb to fill the glass block with the shiny orange colors to make the Trick or Treat words on the surface look more beautiful. With a little creativity, we can also make a bright Mr. Skeleton with a glass block. The ornaments of glass block lighting ideas will look versatile for all holidays.

Glass Blocks Lighting Ideas for Various Purposes

Glass Block Lighting Ideas

We can create lighted glass blocks and use them as centerpieces. In a private event such as a wedding, we will love to set a custom décor that is unique and gorgeous at the same time. We can paint the glass block with white color and paint a big initial letter of the bride and bride groom. When lighted, the glass block will give an attention stealer. Besides, we can also make use glass block lighting ideas as night lights. We can create Disney themed glass blocks that the kids will love to enjoy in their bedrooms. A cute lighted glass block will look awesome as a welcoming décor as well. We can place the wonderful glass block lighting ideas with bows and colorful ornaments by the windows to make a room more cheerful.

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