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camping lighting ideas

Your camp lighting ideas will determine the quality of camping you will experience. Camping is one of the most exciting moments to spend with our families and friends. Camping with the working mates is also fun to do. When we roast the marshmallow, stir the hot coffee, and enjoy some grilled sausage, we will forget a little about the hardship of life. In addition, we will also love the way camping gives us refreshments. In addition, camping with our spouse can give us chance to understand each other. While being away from home, we will be able to talk freely. We can talk casually while sitting and listening to the guitar. The only problem of a camp is the lighting fixtures. Camp lighting ideas are thus essential to use when going camping.

After packing the tent, spare clothes, cooking kits, folded chair, sleeping bags, and mats, what we need to get prepared is the lighting. We need to use high quality camping light in order to make the camping comfortable. We might want to enjoy the starry sky while listening to some music. We will also love the moment around the fire when we tell jokes and laugh out loud. There are many fun enjoyments that we will treasure if we have proper lighting for giving brightness to the camp fire times.


Lantern is one of the most common lighting fixtures for a camping. Today, various kinds of camping supplies have become advanced with technology. We can now find lighter lantern to bring for hiking. The size of lantern is getting smaller for giving the ease to bring and pack. Portable camping lantern will be comfortable for camping that covers hiking, night walks, and trekking.

LED Lighting Lanterns

Hikers normally prefer headlamps and flashlight. But today, it is more efficient to use LED lights and lanterns. Led lights are recommended because it can create a dimmer amount of light. Conventional lantern is not comfortable because it does not produce dimmer and gets hotter over hours of usage. It generates heat that can even reduce the illumination quality.

Insect Repellants Lanterns

Today, we can also find lantern for camp lighting ideas that deliver double functions. Lanterns can work well for giving brightness but also for repelling insects. We do know that sleeping in an outdoor space will be a little risky. We have to be careful with mosquitoes. Besides, other insects might also attack. Therefore, lantern repellant lanterns are a must listed devices to bring for all camping plans.


We often underestimate torches or flashlight as a camping lighting idea. In fact, this is one of the most efficient lighting devices that we can bring when camping. Today, we have heavy duty flashlight that can provide long and stable beam. It will be great to use flashlight for a camping because it produces stable beam that is suitable for reading and other activity inside the tent.

Solar Powered Camping Lights

To use solar power lighting device for a camping is truly a perfect match. Camping is an eco activity and to use this alternative energy empowered device is the right decision. This small and compact lighting unit can be easily transported. This lighting fixture has bright led light that can last up to 12 hours. In a single charge, we can use this lighting for the whole night. We do not have to worry about its physical design because it is lightweight. Besides, we can bring it to area with water because it is water resistance.

The camp lighting ideas will make camping more exciting and safe. We need to be sure that we have the essential lighting fixtures before leaving for the fun camping.

Camp Lighting Ideas
camping lighting ideas
campsite lighting ideas


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