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White Fabric Pergola Covers

If you want to make your outdoor or yard more enjoyable, it will be a good idea to create a pergola. Pergola is like patio. It also requires you to apply cover as the roof to make it more shaded. So, you will be protected from the sun or even rain. However, choosing pergola covers is not as easy as you imagine. Actually, there are many options that you can try. In this article, we will share the different cover ideas for your pergola. Then, compare and choose your desired one.

Fabric Pergola Cover

The first option is fabric pergola cover. Some people call it static panel. This looks like a plastic but it has stronger and thicker construction so that it can provide protection from the sun and rain. You can also see the stains and debris on the fabric cover so that you may need to clean it up periodically. This is not expensive but can create amazing relax. In addition, it also looks stylish and appropriate for modern pergola design. So, you should consider this cover for your pergola.

Louvered Pergola Cover

This is the second option that I suggest to you. This brings Australian style and creates commercial look. It can also provide enough shade so that the sun cannot expos you under this pergola. However, it is not good enough to protect you from the sun so that you need to add additional cover when the winter comes. This louvered pergola cover is commonly designed for a wholly open pergola. The easy and simple design makes people interested to follow this pergola design idea.

Roll Retractable Awning Pergola Cover

This is the next idea of pergola covers. This cover looks very interesting. Besides that, you can also roll in and out the awning when used. However, applying this cover should be done carefully. Besides that, you also need to maintain it every day. This cover is appropriate for modern pergola. If you apply this, your pergola will be very enjoyable and exciting. That is why this is recommended so much for you.

Retractable Canopy Pergola Cover

The next idea is retractable canopy pergola cover. This is very practical so that you can apply it by your own. Besides practical, it is also attractive so that everyone will feel impressed with it. Even more, it is also reliable for long term. It means this cover is durable that will last longer. If you are interested in it, you can choose one of the types. There are 2 types available. The first is multiple tracks whereas the second one is single track. Multiple tracks use multiple panels of fabric. This cannot protect you from the rain. However, you can also consider it with 4-sided aluminum that provides more protection including from the rain as well as the sun.

ShadeFX Pergola Cover

Another most common and recommended cover or roof for pergola is ShadeFX. This is also very commercial where it creates retractable ceiling. There are many design ideas that you can try. One of them is “Topside” mounting design. This roof can cover your pergola from above side. It uses patented single track actuator so that it will be difficult to see when being retracted. If you install it rightly, this will make your pergola very interesting.

That is all various pergola covers commonly applied. Actually, there are still many other ideas that you can try. However, those ideas are really good to try. From those roof ideas above, which one is more impressive for you? Hopefully this will ease you to find the best cover for your pergola.

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