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4 Types of Crown Molding Lighting Design Ideas Image

Ceiling needs a thorough decor such as the recent crown molding lighting ideas. When it is for a ceiling, we usually give a minimum care and décor. Usually, we only apply good quality ceiling and paint it well. Besides, we might want to decorate it with beautiful lighting fixtures such as chandelier. Ceiling is also designed with different look such as vaulted ceiling and cathedral ceiling in order to give it a more beautiful outfit. In addition, we also decorate it with stunning lining called crown molding. However, we still need to add other ornaments such as crown molding and special lighting in order to make it more dramatic. Ceiling with cove lighting behind a crown molding will truly own a class. We often see this idea applied in five starred hotel. But we do not have to pay for a night in a hotel room with a pretty ceiling if we can enjoy the prettiness every single day at home.

Crown molding lighting ideas such as cove lighting can be installed almost in all rooms. It looks great to have it behind the crown light, above kitchen cabinets, or under the kitchen nook kicks. In a bathroom area, this lighting design is usually placed above the vanities and under the toe kicks as well. In a bedroom, this type of lighting will create a romantic effect.

There are several types of crown molding lighting ideas

Rope Lighting

This type of crown molding lighting is recommended for its low price. Besides, this lighting fixture is the easiest to install. We can buy this light rope in different size for all crown molding needs. It creates nice glow with little brightness. For those who want to improve the ceiling for a drastic sophistication, this type of lighting is not the best idea. The low illumination can be solved by placing double rows of light rope but that will add the cost. In the installation, we need to pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendation. It will be even better if we hire professional electrician to handle this task.

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent light has a stunning beam that is more intense compared to the rope light. This is a good choice to apply in one of Crown molding lighting ideas because it overlaps and enables us to brighten the dark spots above crown molding easily. The price for this fluorescent light is not so expensive and good for a low budget project. However, this type of lighting sometimes is troublesome for eyesight health. Besides, the outfit looks a little too commercial; the ambiance of which is not so cozy for a residence.

Low Voltage linear lighting

This is a perfect choice for a cove lighting and Crown molding lighting ideas because of its flexibility. The bulbs are easily to move for giving subtraction that result wonderfully. Besides, we can also create dimmed lighting effect using simple dimmer. The tracks can be modified to deliver illumination in a flawless way. In short, this is the type of lighting that will fit our crown molding perfectly. However, the rate is a little expensive for a home improvement project. But if it is only for a room or two, the price will not be a hassle due to its benefits and beauty.

LED Lighting

This is the last, the best, and the most expensive choice of cove lighting for crown molding lighting ideas. Though it is expensive, the beauty and ease it provides will pay the bill off. Besides, it can be a good investment due to its long lasting performance.

Crown Molding Lighting Design Ideas Images

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